Fun At The Beach in Galveston Texas - Who We Are

Mike – Born in 79’ with 15 years of experience as an architect. The job doesn’t allow me to travel a lot so together with the wife, we try to make the most of it during my summer holiday.

Emily – I was born in 1984 and I am running a small flower shop from my house. My husband doesn’t have a lot of free time, but we always take a big summer vacation.

Our First Visit

It was back in 2013 when I first managed to clear my schedule so we can go on a long summer vacation with the wife. Emily mentioned that she was always reading positive reviews about Galveston and that it had some of the best beaches in Texas.  We checked some interesting brochures and decided that Galveston would be the perfect spot for our holiday.

Our initial goal was to spend most of our time at the beach since Galveston has more than 30 miles of them. However, it was thrilling to find out that Galveston is a historical and cultural hub. We visited at least one museum or art gallery every day and we didn’t even go through half of them on our first visit.

As soon as we got back, we started thinking about our next visit. Planning a whole year ahead got us much better accommodations the next summer.

The Second Trip

To be honest, on the second trip we managed to forget about the amazing beaches because of all the activities. The historic locations and mansions were so interesting; we had to check all of them out. What was really amusing is the fact that all the local people know each other. So, whatever you need, they are more than happy to give you instructions on where to find it.

On our second visit, we went on a tour that featured tree sculptures. They are created from trees that fell during a hurricane and some of the sculptures are really unique. On top of that, most are placed in front of old homes that show the amazing architecture of Galveston.

During our last holiday, we noticed that most of the older buildings in Galveston are being restored. The whole city is going through some kind of a revitalization process and we can’t wait to go next year and see how the whole place will look.

The Favorite Holiday Location

After the second visit, we decided to make Galveston our annual holiday spot. Now we feel like home every time we visit. Some of the locals have become our good friends and we have dinner with them every time we are there.

Each year we get different accommodation and try to visit different restaurants as much as possible. The only things we still haven’t done are most of the family activities like visiting the waterpark. We are looking forward to the day when we will visit Galveston with a couple of children running next to us.

All in all, Galveston, Texas is the perfect holiday spot for both couples and families. The beach experience is amazing and there are more than enough activities to keep you busy during your whole vacation.

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