In this article, we are going to talk about best Galveston beaches. Galveston, TX is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, tropical feel, blue sea as far as you can see and hospitable people only a few of many things that will make your experience unforgettable. 

The great thing about Galveston beaches is that they are all different. Some attract people with families, some attract younger people with adventurous spirit. There is a great number of beaches you should visit if you are in Galveston.

Crystal Beach

This beach is located along 27 miles of beach on the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston. It`s family-oriented beach that offers a number of activities. This beach attracts a big number of tourists that are in need of a place like this, because of their families. 

Among other activities, you can go fishing, swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing and camping, and those activities are making it very popular among visitors and locals. If you are looking for the best Galveston beaches, you are pretty close. Driving and parking directly onto the beach is allowed.

East Beach

Now we are talking about the largest beach in Galveston. It's located in the best beach area in Galveston, along with the most eastern shore. It has boardwalk, pavilion, concessions etc. Every year this beach has a great number of live concerts and festivals. 

Among the most popular festivals which are hosted by East beach is Sandcastle competition which attracts thousands of competitors and visitors every year. And because of all those activities, consumption of alcohol on this beach is permitted.

Porretto Beach

Porretto Beach is a private beach, owned by The Porreto family for about half a century. The Porretto family gives personal charm to this beach. Both visitors and locals are considering this one to be the best beach in Galveston, Texas. It's a beach for everyone, families, little kids, teenagers, grandparents.

Alcohol is permitted. You can bring your own grill. You can park your car near the beach. The beach is organizing and hosting a great number of festivals. Most known among them are The KuhunaKup, Sand Castle building contest, Spring break music unity festival etc.

Jamaica Beach RV Resort

Jamaica Beach RV Resort is one of the newest and one of the greatest Galveston places It has a great view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Galveston Bay. Amenities are including WIFI, pools, indoor Infinity spa, hot tub, and cable TV. 

There is WIFI all over the place, at the park, at 181 sites etc. You can rent bikes, play mini golf, use water slide, heated and wading pool, you can use the exercise room. There is a great number of planned activities as well.

Galveston Island State Park

This beach you can find on the west part of the island near the gulf coast. It offers many activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, seeing flora and fauna of this area and many more. Here you can enjoy the beautiful beach sea and the gulf, by yourself or with friends and family.

Wildlife is a big part of this one. Here you can find ducks, raccoons, armadillos or shorebirds. Also, there is a great variety of fishes. Some that you can catch such are sand trout, redfish and flounder, just to name a few. From that perspective its one of the top beaches at Galveston TX has to offer.

Sylvan Beach Park

You can locate this beach in La Porte. Consists of sandy beach areas, a pavilion and a fishing pier which is considered very popular among the visitors and the locals as well. Because of its calm waves, it is fantastic for those who swim and those who are learning to swim.

Sylvan Beach Park is hosting a number of festivals each year. Most popular is the Sylvan Beach Festival which is attracting more and more visitors every year. The great thing about Sylvan Beach Park is its sand. Even the top beaches in Galveston, Texas has to offer can't compete with it.

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

It is more than 1,600 acres big. Biggest beach on this list, and promotes the preservation of the Wetlands. Colorado River and Matagorda Bay Nature Park are sharing two miles, and those two miles are fantastic to see. Camping and wildlife observing are the top things you can do here.

Also, offers a great number of other activities including kayaking, camping, fishing and bird watching. If you take a look at visitors reviews of Galveston beaches, by its grades, you will see that it`s visitors are holding it in a high regard.

Seawolf Park

Even though swimming here is not allowed, this one is considered to be one of the great beaches on Galveston Island. There is a number of reasons for that. It has fishing piers, sites for picnic and children`s playground. 

Camping is a special thing here and attracts many visitors every year.

Seawolf Park was named after submarine called USS Seawolf who sunk nearby during world war II. Now it is the popular tourist attraction because it`s home to the USS Cavalla submarine from WWII, and the destroyer USS Stewart.

Surfside Beach

People measure the quality of the beach by a number of their needs that are satisfied. If you are into surfing, then this is among the best beaches near Galveston Texas, if not the most awesome. It's located about an hour long ride from Galveston, in Brazoria County. 

The good thing about it is, that it's not crowded, so it's perfect for families as well as for people who are surfing.  Something else that ups this beach's reputation among visitors as well as with locals, is free parking. It's not so family-oriented as some beaches on this list.

Stewart Beach

Stewart beach park is the perfect family-friendly beach. It`s located on the islands east side where Broadway is ending at the Seawall. It's regarded as the most family-friendly beach in Galveston. It has lifeguards on duty 24/7. Here your family is perfectly safe.

Consists a pavilion, children's playground, chair and umbrella rentals, showers, concessions and much, much more. Because of the family-oriented policy, alcohol is not permitted. Some are considering it one of the best public beaches in Galveston and of the best beaches in Galveston for families.


The coastal city of Galveston is a home to many beautiful beaches. Some of those are among the best in the whole of Texas. It was hard to point out the greatest Galveston beaches in this article. All of them are offering many activities to make your holiday unforgettable and your experience very rewarding.  Each one of them has its own charm. Whatever beach you chose for your holiday, you will not be wrong.

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