Besides the fantastic beaches and interesting activities, Galveston is also known for being a great location for fishing. Experienced fisherman from all around the USA come to the fishing piers in Galveston TX and try their luck.

Most of the people, usually the ones who are fishing for the first time, prefer to just go Galveston beach fishing. This means that they pick a spot somewhere on the long beaches of Galveston and they plant their fishing rod in the water. On the other hand, Galveston visitors can go fishing on the water by renting a boat.

Nevertheless, the more experienced ones will always suggest visiting the pier if you are interested in fishing. You are sure to catch more fish over there, rather than on a random spot on the beach.

Galveston Fishing Pier Prices

There are various rates for visiting the pier. Keep in mind that all payments are made in cash and the pier has an ATM for your convenience. The rates at the fishing pier in Galveston are:

  • Adult - $10
  • Child (10 and under) - $6
  • Seniors (Monday – Thursday from 6 AM to 5 PM) - $1
  • Toddlers - $1

If you need to rent a Rod, you need to pay $8 and put $20 as a deposit. Normally, fisherman will also need some bait. You can get 1lb of shrimp or squid for $6. There is also shad, mullet, and cut bait; however, it’s not always available and because of that the price varies.

Night Fishing in Galveston

Even though it might seem awkward, night fishing is a real thing and experienced fisherman love it. Interestingly enough, the pier allows this and there are different rates for people who want to try night fishing. After 2 AM they charge half the price for adults. After 4 AM it’s $2 and after 5 AM the fare is just $1.

Keep in mind that if you plan on remaining at the pier after 6 AM, that you will be charged for the regular price which is $10 for an adult.

Beach Fishing

As we mentioned above, when it comes to fishing Galveston is famous for the fantastic beach fishing experience it offers. Visitors from all around the USA agree that Galveston is the best location in Texas beach fishing.

You can still get wet, even when beach fishing. Some fishermen prefer to wade into the water early in the morning so they can catch fish that comes close to the shore. However, if you insist on dry fishing, try purchasing or renting a 6-7 feet long rod that you can place in the sand, away from the water.


Visitors at the fishing pier in Galveston Texas agree that the island is one of the best places to go fishing. The rates at the pier are not expensive, so everyone can afford them. Even people who came for a summer vacation can just rent a rod and try to catch some fish at the pier.

All in all, Galveston offers a fantastic experience for both beginners and experienced fisherman. If you find yourself on the island for a vacation, make sure you try your fishing luck.

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